NetApp releases Virtual Storage Console 4.2 Update for vSphere

Hi Folks

Just a quick update blog covering the update release of the Virtual Storage Console 4.2 from NetApp.

For those not familiar with VSC, here is a quick summary of what it is…….

NetApp Virtual Storage Console is a vSphere client plug-in designed to simplify storage management operations, improve efficiencies, enhance availability, and reduce storage costs in both SAN- and NAS-based VMware infrastructures. VSC provides VMware administrators with a window into the storage domain and the tools to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of virtual server and desktop environments running on NetApp storage.

New in VSC 4.2

  • New VSC-defined vSphere privileges for all capabilities
  • New VSC-defined, read-only View privilege that allows a user to view the VSC UI (without this privilege, menus, tabs, and other elements of the UI are not visible)
  • Set of standard VSC-defined standard vCenter Server roles for working with VSC tasks that include all necessary vCenter native privileges and VSC-defined privileges
  • Unified storage discovery and credentials management in Monitoring and Host Configuration for all capabilities

Enhancements in VSC 4.2

  • Expanded authentication and user management via vCenter™ Server and Data ONTAP® role-based access control (RBAC).
  • VSC uses a combination of vCenter RBAC and Data ONTAP RBAC to provide fine-grain, authorized access to VSC tasks.
  • Data ONTAP RBAC privileges restrict users to a single login account for each storage system managed by VSC, and determine what storage operations can be performed on a specific storage system in support of VSC tasks.
  • vCenter RBAC privileges restrict vSphere users to specific VSC tasks on objects in the vSphere inventory, such as virtual machines, datastores, or data centers.
  • Enhanced I/O performance with online optimisation and migration of misaligned VMs in NFS datastores (for Data ONTAP 8.1.3 and higher)
  • VSC 4.2 will have VM-Align turned on by default
  • VSC 4.2 will only recognise ONTAP 8.1.3 and above (as valid for VM-Align volumes)
  • VMware snapshot option set to off (disabled) by default
  • Management support for the Flash Accel™ server cache, which makes server-side flash storage available as cache for applications that read from and write to NetApp back-end storage

You must install Flash Accel, which is available from the NetApp Support site.
You must install a Flash Accel Base Package for VSC, which is available from the NetApp Support site, to enable support of this feature in VSC.
Data ONTAP 8.2 support

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